Friday, April 20, 2007

And I Died Last Night

And I died last night. Doctor’s said it was fatigue and pressure that caused cardiac arrest.

[I think, I told u about ‘Sims 2’ a game which is a replica of life] Addicted to that game, I created myself in it to every possible detail that is possible. ‘I’ [my name in the game]. She was as ambitious as I am, as talkative, and as less concerned about ‘living’ the life as I am…her life long dream was to be on top of her athletic career. And she was working hard to be that. She started of with $1000 and when she died she had a Ferrari the biggest house in town and a huge inheritance for her family and friends. Success at last, right?

May be wrong, her family’s reaction on her death is the way we react on deleting an unimportant file. Her team that she gave her life to advertised the vacancy the very next day. Her only son didn’t even notice that she is no more and her husband who is so busy with his new perspective changing affair is least bothered.

But, I don’t think its there fault. It was my fault. I never existed in their lives and naturally now that I am not there I shouldn’t live in their memories. Why should they waste all the money and all the status in mourning…they should ‘live the life’. She despite of a loving family didn’t live for a single day. Everyday had a schedule, a hectic routine and an agenda. In anticipation of the big day she missed out on everything in life and how ironic that big day never came.
This is not even God's Fault? No. It was completely her fault, her planning and her vision….! She chose to had a meaningless life and a 'wealthful' hopeless death. I think i am the only one who is missing her.

There is a lesson for all of us in this.

Lets start Living - Ayesha