Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In the name of RUSTED robots - A grim review

Following are few insights about us: the white collar workers

Fortunately or unfortunately times do fly……………..

And there was a time when we (ex-young grads) entered in the corporate world; gleaming, smiling with heads held high and hoping that we’ll conquer the world. Running after some far-fetched dream and yearning for some ‘big bang’. Some of us achieve them, some keep on trying and some just lose hope, but at the end of the day none of us actually realize the best of the best (actual contentment). Disillusionments, disappointments, disturbances, and disarrays do plague the course of action/success but eventually everything does fall into place fro almost everyone.

But all of us, with due course of time, become mechanical, sensible, practical, acceptable, manipulative, diplomatical and unemotional. In short, just ‘another brick in the wall’. But then again, is this price justified for the losses that have incurred?

Learning the steps to this practicality based survival we learn

1) How not to smile, laugh, speak (the heart out)
2) Hows & Wows of grapevine
3) Treating the fouls & howls of workplace

And at the end of day ( in our 60s, only if we survive till that), the corporate world dispatches us i.e. the rusted mechanical robots, back to life when there is no more ‘life’ in it ……………How beautiful!

Thanks to our choice of professions – we autonomously freely chose to be these rusted scrapped robots.

To be a scrapped robot - Ayesha Saeed

This is just a grim side of the world & yes there is a +Ve side as well (a very brighter one)


inspirex said...

good one girl!!!!

keep rockin!!!

Anonymous said...

have u ever lived in sargodha